Purpose and Hope for Inmates from Your Old PC

Blue Click IT were pleased to be invited to IT Schools Africa recently.  IT Schools Africa are based in Cheltenham. Their mission is to create positive lives through education, by providing access to e-Learning to schools throughout Africa.  What we found very interesting is the work that IT Schools Africa are doing with inmates at 3 prisons in the UK.  Here at Blue Click IT we are keen to support them as much as we can. In a nutshell IT Schools Africa collect old computers, wipe them, give them a new lease of life and send them to schools in Africa. Their UK registered charity number is 1146157 and in 12 years they have sent over 50,000 computers to Africa.

How do inmates in the UK benefit from a charity set up to create positive lives through education in Africa?


The inmates are involved in the giving of new life to old computers. Whilst doing this most are developing new skills. These new skills can support them in finding work once their term is served. The inmates involved in these projects consider the experience to be a positive and productive one. 2 specific quotes from inmates are as follows:

“I didn’t know anything about computers when I started; now I could build one from scratch.  It’s been good for me in other ways – I used to think that asking for help was weak, now I’ve learned it’s a strong thing.” 

“There is a good working atmosphere.  The instructor is engaging if you are slow and being a former computer luddite it has been good to learn a computer won’t blow up if I press a key”


How can you get involved?

If you want to donate your old IT equipment to IT Schools Africa then please call 01242 228800 or email contact@itschoolsafrica.org  They will be able to give you all the information you need.



Blue Click IT and IT Schools Africa

We, Blue Click IT, are pleased to be partnering with IT Schools Africa!  The sheer size of their organisation and what they do is awe inspiring.  As such we will be blogging about different aspects of their work over the coming weeks and months.  We will let you know how you can get involved on the Blue Click IT and Blue Click Education blogs.


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